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Sustainable Home Improvements

Welcome to InsulGuard, Western Australia’s leader in sustainable home improvements. We specialise in creating sustainable homes: new builds or established homes. Whether it be to “live off the grid”, save on your your power bills, reduce your carbon footprint or use recycled and sustainable solutions, we have you covered.

Your Sustainable Forever Home

At InsulGuard, we pride ourselves on tailored sustainable home improvements for all homes. Using the best products sourced from around the globe, we can provide solutions that last a lifetime, providing comfort, security and sustainability for your home. We provide a wide range of services, from energy assessment and the design process through to the completion of the solution. We provide a full range of services as part of our tailored solutions; from insulation including roof, ceiling, wall and underfloor, window tinting and double glazing, roller shutters, roof restorations, heat reflective paint, ventilation, solar and much more.

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The future is sustainable homes and renewable energy.

Tailored Solutions

We don’t push products. We listen and give you a solution tailored to your needs. We’re lucky enough to deal with a full range of services and some of the largest brands in the world, meaning we can give honest advice on what will work best for your bespoke requirements.


Just like Goldilocks, it’s no good being too hot or too cold, it needs to be just right. We specialise in improving comfort through passive design innovation, meaning you’re not only more comfortable, but experiencing you’re home as the paradise it should be.


At InsulGuard security is paramount. Not just our home security solutions to stop intruders, but also the security and peace of mind that you are protecting your home with the solutions to last, which is why we stand behind all our works with a guarantee.


Whether it be to live “off the grid”, or just make small changes to save on your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint, every little step counts. We pride ourselves on taking new and old homes forward in sustainability through innovation.