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Welcome to InsulGuard, Perth’s premier supplier of products and services for insulation Perth. InsulGuard specialises in termite repellent wall insulation and is able to meet all your domestic and industrial needs. Contact InsulGuard today to see how we can help make your living and working space a more comfortable and protect your investment from the damage caused by the hot Australian sun and termites.

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InsulGuard has tailored insulation solutions to suit the individual needs of every client. We use a range of environmentally friendly insulation products that exceed Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia. We use only quality products to ensure long-term reliability, safety, sustainability and satisfaction. InsulGuard is committed to maintaining a high standard of product quality, installation and safety. Our specially trained installation teams pay close attention to detail to ensure optimal installations that will not undermine the performance of the insulation. We provide a wide range of services, from insulation removal and vacuuming to window tinting and ventilation. Contact today to see how we can help!

5 Year Warranty on all Workmanship; Fully Licensed & Insured.

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Insulation Services

Underfloor Insulation

The raised wooden floors in older houses are often forgotten when it comes to insulation. As wooden floors age, timbers warp and often open up holes and gaps that allow heat transference to happen. With up to 15% of your heating be lost through the floor, underfloor insulation Perth is an important aspect to consider.

Wall Insulation

A cavity is any space within a solid object. In the building industry, a cavity can be either a roof space or the space between two walls or ceiling and upper floor regardless of construction materials (double brick, brick-veneer etc). Up to 85% of existing pre-2005 Australian homes do not have any insulation in the wall cavities.

Insulation Removal

Older forms of insulation, including loose fed insulation such as cellulose, settle and degrade over time losing their ability to adequately insulate your home (decreased ‘R’ value). Before replacing this insulation with a higher quality product, the old insulation needs to be removed.

Roof Insulation

Today a lot of homeowners want to make use of their roof space as a storage area or to convert it to an additional room. Before the conversion can take place the roof space must be prepared to ensure a safe working space. Often a quick inspection of the roof space can reveal a large amount of debris. This can be left over after the house construction, previous roof renovations or attic work was completed.

Why Insulguard Insulation?

Insulguard Benefits:

  • Reduces heat loss and gain by acting as a thermal barrier.
  • Keeps your home warmer in winter due to a reduction in heat loss.
  • Lowers the internal temperature of your home in summer by reducing heat gain.
  • Lowers the usage load of your heating and cooling systems.
  • This prolongs the life of the systems, allows greater efficiency and increased reliability.
  • Reduces greenhouse gases, generates a smaller carbon footprint due to decreased heating and cooling.
  • Creates a more stable climate within the house, improving comfort levels.
  • Termicide to stop termites from getting into your home.
  • Reduces external and internal acoustic transfer.
  • Window tinting to reduce thermal transference glare and increase privacy.


Cavity Wall



"Insulguard were prompt in their reply and quoting. I was happy on how quick they got into us. No complaints about them. I would be happy to recommend them."Connie03/06/15, roof Insulation Removal
"Very responsive to all my emails and they even gave me a discount. The customer relation was very good and there were no problems at all."Brian16/07/15, Wall Insulation
"Very professional, very prompt with their service and very informative with what they were going to do."Bill Thompson05/08/2015, cavity wall insulation
"InsulGuard were quick to respond and the work was completed properly within six days since the job was posted." Glyn Kernick14/01/15, Roof Insulation Client

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