We’re Hiring!

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We have an exciting opportunity for a Business Development Manager to join our passionate team.

Our Business Development Manager at InsulGuard is a critical role that is responsible for all new business development within InsulGuard.

This includes initiating and driving promotional partnerships and sales across the company.

Roles and Responsibilities

Sales – The number one role of the Business Development Manager is to make sales. This is done through sales calls, meetings and partnerships that are done in accordance with the InsulGuard sales models.

Sales Models – To continually improve and adjust the sales processes and models used within InsulGuard to ensure an optimum customer journey and maximum conversions. The Sales Process and the Sales Models for every component of the Sales Process must be documented and up to date at all times.

Client Retention – Enrolling people into InsulGuard products / services is the first component, the next component is one of relationship and retention. It is the responsibility of the BDM to ensure clients are happy, engaged and satisfied with InsulGuard.

Marketing – In order to continue activating new leads either from the existing database or from new sources, this involves lead generation and activation to ensure that there is a steady pipeline of qualified prospects interested in coming on board. The Marketing Plan is strategised in a weekly meeting and is to be up to date at all times.

Strategic Partnerships – This involves initiating and driving joint venture partnerships, sponsorships, and deals with complimentary businesses. Strategic Partnership activity is also measured through weekly Vital Signs.

Event Participation – The BDM needs to be the face of the relationships, as such it is a requirement that BDM’s attend all InsulGuard events and participate in the management and operations of the event. This must be carried out in accordance with the Event Guidelines given for any particular event.

Research and Development – The BDM needs to be constantly up-skilling in the area of sales and marketing. This involves subscribing to necessary blogs, reading educational books, attending programs and actively seeking mentors. InsulGuard will fund Professional Development activities and may tie this funding to clear performance hurdles.


The Business Development Manager is expected at all times to:

1. Conduct themselves with a highly positive, energetic and contagious attitude
2. Deliver on results and projects ahead of deadlines
3. Be punctual to all commitments
4. Be a cultural leader for the team
5. Take ownership of their own learning and development
6. Raise the standard of Business Development at InsulGuard

Characteristics and Skill-Sets

1. Strong and positive attitude
2. Hunger to learn
3. Energetic
4. Strong marketing skills
5. Strategic thinker
6. Strong sales and conversion skills

Remuneration / Details

This position is contract-to-hire, so must have an ABN in the interim trial period (3 months). Remuneration will be between $40k – $52k base + bonuses initially depending on experience. A car, laptop and mobile phone are included after trial period.

How To Apply

We’re not your “typical’ company so we do things with a little qwirk. Send us a video of yourself as a Private Message on Facebook to our InsulGuard page.

Things we’d like included in your video;
1. Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you
2. What prompted you to apply for this job and what interests you most about the position
3. Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.

Only candidates who are successful in gaining interviews will be contacted.