Termite Repellant Cavity Wall Insulation

In Australia, 1 in 3 homes are affected by termites. InsulGuard Cavity Shield is specifically designed as a termite repellant cavity wall insulation for your double brick cavity.

In Perth and across Australia, the most common and destructive termite is known as a subterranean termite. As the name suggests, these termites live and travel underground. They are known to nest within trees and stumps, and can travel over 50m from their main nest. It’s often the case that they will build a subsidiary nest closer to your home; in the cavity, under the slab, in the garden whilst they travel in search of food sources.

Whilst subterranean termites can penetrate your home through any small crack or crevice, one of the more common access points into your home is through the weep holes. These weep holes are commonly seen as a missing vertical mortar joint at ground level. Designed for the purpose of allowing water to escape the double brick cavity, they become a common entry point for termites and anything creepy crawly.

Once in your home, termites will often nest and eat anything to get to your timber frames, beams, skirting and anything wooden. When digesting wood, these subterranean termites eat everything inside-out, meaning whilst their consuming your timbers things may appear fine. This can lead to tens of thousands of dollars’ damage before before the unsuspecting home owner even notices the termite infestation.

How Cavity Shield Kills Termites

The termite protection properties of Cavity Shield come from the manufacturing process here in Perth. When the expanded polystyrene bead (EPS) is expanded for installation purposes, we add a chemical called Timbor; technically known as disodium octaborate tetrahydrate. This wood preserve is sealed inside each cavity shield bead and doesn’t break down, making it the perfect termite repellent for Australian homes.

The cavity protection provided by Cavity Shield for termites and other wood boring ants is due to the delayed response of the Timbor. As the termites move through the Cavity Shield or ingest the beads, the chemical slowly builds up in their system. The termite repellent attacks the central nervous system of the termites, making them more sluggish before eventually killing them. As this is a gradual process, termites will take the Timbor back to the nest, meaning that the termite poison will spread to other termites throughout the nest.

Is the Timbor in Cavity Shield Toxic

Cavity shield and the added Timbor termite repellent has a very low level of toxicity and is safe for humans. Unlike other insecticides, Timbor is not easily absorbed through the skin. Even if ingested in moderate quantities, it will not be harmful. There is also no adverse effects on the skin or eyes when exposed to the Cavity Shield expanded polystyrene beads. For more information and the Timbor technical data, please click here.

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