Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Shield cavity wall insulation is a proven, high performance cavity wall insulation system for new or existing residential and commercial double brick cavities.

The two biggest assets in your life are undoubtedly your family and your home. InsulGuard Cavity Shield cavity wall insulation provides protection for your family from the harsh Australian temperatures; providing year round comfort.


We all know how extreme the Perth and WA climate can be. Temperatures can exceed high 30’s through to 40’s in the summer. Our winters can drop below 5 degrees in the evening and winter rain and cloud can prevent the home from ever heating up. InsulGuard Cavity Shield is designed to insulate your home and protect you from the external temperature variations.

In an average Australian home, up to 25% of your heat transfer occurs through your walls. Cavity Shield creates an esky-like environment protecting your home from the outside temperature differentials. Made from polystyrene, it works no different to the esky that keeps your beers cold in the summer or the thermos that keeps your coffee warm in the winter. The only difference is that this time it’s keeping your family comfy.


With Australia being one of the harshest climates in the world, heating and cool equates up to 50% of your energy use annually. Energy costs have risen by 60% in the last seven years and will continue to rise. This leads to the reliance on artificial heating and cooling becoming more unaffordable. With the installation of Cavity Shield increasing the thermal performance of your walls, your reducing your reliance on artificial heating and cooling meaning that your energy costs can be reduced up to half!

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Cavity Wall Insulation