Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Shield is a proven, high performance cavity wall insulation system for new or existing residential and commercial external cavities.

Cavity Shield is an innovate Australian-made cavity wall insulation system that improves the thermal performance of new and existing buildings for the lifetime of the structure.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Shield is a loose bead polystyrene coated in graphite to increase the thermal rating. The bead is impregnated with graphite to ensure your cavity remains free of termites and other insects looking to inhabit your property.

Unlike other cavity wall insulation products, Cavity Shield is a non-invasive method of insulating. Instead of drilling into brickwork, tiles or tin are removed and the process takes place from the roof. The unique flow of the bead coupled with it’s lightness enables to insulant to conform precisely to every fissure of the brickwork, providing a complete fill every time.

Cavity Shield provides a thorough thermal barrier around your home to minimise the transfer of heat and create an esky-like environment to reduce heating and cooling costs drastically.

With every bead has a single point of contact with each of the surrounding beads, this allows the cavity to breathe and any moisture penetrating the outer wall to drain away immediately. The unique nature of Cavity Shield makes it the only Australian-made product that doesn’t absorb water.

The special design properties of Cavity Shield, coupled with it’s non-invasive retrofit properties makes it the preferred by engineers, architects and home owners.

What is “cavity wall insulation” and why does it matter?

  • Most Perth homes consist of some sort of cavity wall. This wall cavity can be constructed most times from either double brick or brick veneer. This cavity, regardless of material becomes a method for hot air to escape the home in Winter and enter the home in Summer.
  • Up to 85% of existing pre-2005 Australian homes do not have any insulation in the wall cavities.
  • Up to 50 per cent of heat transference occurs through the walls due to poor or non-existent insulation. This results in higher internal temperatures in Summer and lower internal temperatures in Winter. To make the internal environment more hospitable, cooling and heating systems are utilised. Without insulation these systems have to work longer and harder. This increases your running costs, servicing costs and reduces the longevity of the heating and cooling systems.
  • InsulGuard’s Cavity wall insulation Perth provides a thermal and acoustic barrier specifically designed to deliver optimal performance in exterior and interior cavity walls and roof spaces.
  • InsulGuard Cavity Shield features Termicide a termite repellent that helps ensure your home remains termite free for the life of the structure.
  • Up to 85% of existing pre-2005 Australian homes do not have any insulation in the wall cavities.


Thermal Conductivity

Cavity Shield has a K Value of 0.032 W/mK. To equate this into the commonly used R values, at a 50mm cavity it provides an R value of 1.31. When you consider an uninsulated double brick cavity wall has an R value of 0.30, this is an increase of over 300% in thermal effectiveness of the double brick cavity.


The thermal insulation properties of Cavity Shield will remain effective for the life of the building. The insulation will not crack nor settle. It is a dimensionally stable, chemically inert product, which is resistant to attack from bacteria, moulds and fungi, and will not provide nutrient value for insects or vermin. It is also non-toxic and non-irritant.

Moisture Resistance

Cavity Shield is a closed cell material and does not readily absorb water, unless subjected to prolonged saturation. Even in this situation it maintains its shape, size, structure, physical appearance and approximately 85% of its insulation value.

Fire Performance

When used in a masonry cavity wall, the Cavity Shield will not prejudice the fire resistant properties of the wall.


All installations are carried out by approved installers offering a supply and fix service. Tiles or tin is strategically removed around the perimeter of the building to allow access to the brick cavity. This non-invasive method can be applied to new builds as well as retro fit cavity walls. The system is set into motion and the Cavity Shield is injected into the cavity under pressure. This pressure ensures an even coverage of the Cavity Shield. Once installation is completed, the roof is closed.


Cavity Shield can be installed by approved installers throughout Australia, subject to a site inspection.



A loose bead polystyrene coated with graphite to give it a higher thermal resistance and impregnated with termicide to repel termites. The loose bead is installed between the internal and external skins of a double brick cavity external wall. This process is done via removing roof tiles or tin roof panels to gain access. The bead is then blown under pressure into the cavity to provide 100% coverage of the double brick cavity.

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