Welcome Home

Your home is your escape from the outside world. Your paradise. Your sanctuary. Just like that cold beer waiting for you in the fridge when you get home, or those warm pjs you can’t wait to slip in to in front of the TV, your home should bring warm fuzzy feelings to mind when you’re stuck in traffic after a hard day at work.

We live for comfort at InsulGuard. We’re like Goldilocks that we’re borderline OCD about how comfy a home should be. Not too hot, not too cold – just paradise.

Imagine what that paradise means for your home.

Think Comfort. Think InsulGuard.

It’s not running the air conditioner 24/7 to give that perfect temperature, it’s already there! No paranoia about the electricity bill every month, and more importantly – no waiting to cool/heat your home up. You’ve worked all day and deserve that little slice of paradise from the moment I walk in the door.

Your home stays a more consistent “paradise” temperature year round, not too hot or not too cold (just like Goldilocks likes). You only have to use artificial heating and cooling for the real extreme days and only for short periods of time, meaning your power bill reduces on average around 40%. More money for important things I say! (Who doesn’t like saving $$$).

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So you can be comfortable, we’ll save you money… but just like those 2am infomercials – WAIT THERE IS MORE!

Your home will be more sustainable, meaning you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and have less impact on global warming. We all have a responsibility to protecting our planet, so if we all play our part it won’t be the problem of future generations (that was our little preaching moment).

So what is the solution? I can’t tell you that without knowing your home – and that’s what makes us different at InsulGuard. We don’t sell or push products, we tailor solutions to your comfort, security and sustainability needs.

Put this into perspective for a moment. You go to a double glazing company for a “quote”. What do you think he will try and sell you? Double glazing. He’ll tell you it’s your biggest problem, he’ll give you all his best “wow” factor stats and tell you whatever he needs to say to “close the sale” (cringe moment). You then go to the insulation company, then the roller shutter company, then the window tinting company… they all say the same thing – that their product is the solution you’re looking for. You’re left confused, up late trolling Google only to be left without any solution but still the problem.

Now wouldn’t it be great to cut the product sales pitch and get a solution tailored to your home? That’s where we play. We listen to your frustrations, wants and desires and tailor a solution not only to your needs, but also your budget.

So how do we do this? Unfortunately, this isn’t an “over the phone just give me a quote” process. Every house is different. The orientation, the windows, the construction, the suburb, the location… it all plays a factor. Sure there is a guideline for an “average” home which we’ve included as a link in the comments section. But we’re tailoring the solution to your home, which includes your house and how you live in it.

If you’re interested in just a product – that’s fine, we can still help. But remember, there may be a better solution. This is where InsulGuard play. Comfort, security and sustainability for your family and home.

If you’re interested in a consultation or have a problem/dream you need help with, get in contact today or call us on 1300 467 854.