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Reducing household temperatures in summer, and maintaining it in winter, can be expensive and drive your power bills sky high. With over 70% of heat transference occurring through walls and ceilings, using roof insulation and roof vents can give considerable relief to your wallet but there are still considerable savings to be made. To make the most of your insulation, lower your energy bills and enjoy a stable and comfortable climate in your home or office, the next major contributor to heat transference needs to be look at. One of the biggest contributors to heat transference in a house is the humble window.

Glass is a poor insulator and transfers heat from one environment to another easily. In summer this means the outside heat will rapidly heat up a room much the same way as your car on a hot summer day. When sitting next to a window you can feel the increased temperature. During winter a window is a cold panel that lowers the internal temperature of the room by transferring heat to the colder environment outside. Whilst the natural heating of a room in summer can lead to uncomfortable temperatures, in winter it can make a cold room more comfortable. This heat transference means that air conditioners and heaters must work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. If your house has lots of windows or large bay windows, your heating and cooling systems will work harder than most. The longer and harder the air conditioners and heaters work, the higher your energy bills. By increasing the insulation properties of windows the heat transference can be reduced. This can be done by using double glazing.

Double glazing, also known as Insulated Glass Unit (IGU), are windows constructed of two or more panels of glass. The panels of glass are separated by a small space that can be filled with an inert and non-toxic gas (such as argon) or with air. This trapped air (or gas) acts as an additional layer or barrier that helps prevent the heat transference from one glass pane to the next. By utilising double glazing in your home or office, you can reduce heat loss in winter by up to 54% over standard single pane glass. Higher quality double glazing utilising non-toxic argon gas can reduce heat transference by up to 70%. In summer, high quality double glazing with window tinting can reduce heat transference from external source by up to 60%. This will increase your comfort level considerably without reducing the amount of natural light passing through the window.

If you are shift worker, live near a busy road or under a flight path, double glazing can have some great benefits for you. Additional benefits of double glazing include the reduction in unwanted noise or acoustic pollution. The same trapped air that provides thermal protection also acts as a layer of insulation against sound. This will give you a quieter house with a reduction in transference of ambient noise of between 20% and 70% being achievable. The greater reductions in sound transference is achieved by utilising laminated glass as part of your double glazing solution.
Double glazing can provide increased security depending upon the type of glass used. The additional layers of glass can actively reinforce the out layer and reduce glass dislocation. With the addition of laminate glass and window tinting, the durability of double glazing is increased.
Double glazing is a cost effective solution that has been utilised in cold weather countries such as China & United Kingdom for decades. With the reduction in production costs, double glazing has become an affordable solution.
Quick Facts
– Two or more sheets of glass separated by a sealed space (20mm or more) composed of air or gas.
– Comes in a wide variety of styles and compositions to suit your needs
– Can reduce heat transference by up to 70% in winter and 60% in summer.
– Can be combined with window tinting to maximise insulation properties to reduce your heating and cooling costs.
– Reduces sound transference by up 70%

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