Features & Benefits

InsulGuard has a wide range of features that can greatly benefit your new or existing home.


insulguard was developed to meet the specific insulation needs of the building industry yet has the added termite guard that no other product has.


insulguard insulation can be applied to all areas of building construction – ceilings, walls, roofs and floors during construction or retro fitted once construction is complete or for existing structures. High r values insulguard enables less eps to be used in order to achieve a specific r-value when compared to other insulative materials. eps retains its insulative qualities for the life of the structure.


insulguard is 100% recyclable

Moisture Resistance

of all materials used for insulation, insulguard is one of the most resistant to the adverse effects of moisture.


the excellent compressive and flexural strength ofeps gives it an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio.


insulguard is an inert and organic material and does not rot, is resistant to mildew and provides no nutritional value to ants, termites and rodents.

Fire Retardant

insulguard does not present an undue fire hazard when correctly installed due to the fire retardant additive included during manufacture.


insulguard can be used in any cavity where insulation or a combination of insulation and strength are required.


insulguard has been registered with the epa for building applications. it is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and safe to handle.

Thorough Testing

insulguard has been extensively tested in the usa and australia and has proven to be an effective repellent against termite infestation.


insulguard does no harm to the environment. it is 100% recyclable, inert, non-nutritive, highly stable, does not decay or produce gases or leachates and is safe for landfill.


insulguardis a new and innovative product to australia.