Illume Shaftless Skylight Systems

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Tube less Solar Skylight

Illume Shaftless Solar Skylight system is the ambient skylight solution you can easily install anywhere. illume enables home owners and designers to introduce the ambience of natural light to internal spaces where a traditional skylight cannot be fitted as well as avoiding many of the inherent problems with shafted systems such as leaks, bugs and heat transfer.

With illume, basements and other spaces lacking direct access to external light, such as ground floor corridors and internal bathrooms, can also enjoy the advantages of natural light that is in harmony with external conditions without the intrusive infrastructure of a light shaft.

As with traditional skylights, the time of day and density of cloud cover will determine how much energy is harnessed by the solar collector and therefore the lighting levels emitted by illume. Meanwhile, because the light is solar powered there is no ongoing utility charges. illume is a DIY solution that does not require trade skills for installation.

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