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When it comes to insulating your home or office, roof insulation is by far the most popular choice. Roof insulation protects the living space from the heat that is trapped in the roof enabling a more stable temperature to be maintained. A roof space that is exposed to external heat will rapidly increase in temperature which can mean an extra 15 to 20 degrees Celsius above the external temperature. As an example, if the outside temperature is 35 degrees, the roof space temperature can be up to 55 degrees! Due to its high thermal mass, tile roofs take longer to cool down and they continue to heat your roof space long after the sun has gone down.To decrease the temperature in the roof space (and make the insulation more effective) the hot air needs to be vented from the roof space, much the same way as lowering the windows in a hot car. By utilising high quality roof vents, the hot air can be ventilated lowering the roof space temperature which in turn further lowers the temperature in the living space.

Roof vents come in two forms, powered and unpowered. Unpowered roof vents require no energy supply and are wind driven. Constructed of lightweight materials, the roof vents can turn in a light breeze removing heat. The greater the wind, the faster roof vents will turn and ventilating more heat. The ventilation is also aided by natural convection in the roof which causes hot air to rise towards the vents. The hot air is then replaced by cooler air.

Powered roof vents utilise a small power supply to use an internal fan or operate a louvre system. These roof vents can be connected to either mains power supply or through a solar panel making it an independent electrical system. This system is of particular benefit in either low or non-existent wind conditions. Whilst each system has its own benefits, the choice of system is dependent upon individual circumstances and budget.

Besides removing heat from the roof space, roof vents also provide the additional benefit of removing moisture from the roof space in winter. Most homes which utilise exhaust vents in bathrooms and kitchens, often vent the steam into the roof space. Excessive moisture in the roof space can lead to mould, health problems, rotting roof and wall timbers and rusted metal. Health problems can include asthma and other respiratory problems brought about by fungal infections and large amounts of bacteria. With a greater drive towards making houses more airtight and energy efficient, adequate ventilation has become increasingly important.

Insulguard can provide high quality, roof mounted vents in a classic design that utilises modern technology and features for a long lasting performance. Vents come with an extended warranty and are available in extensive range of over 28 colours to suit most roof colours. Vents can be installed on tile, shingle or tin (colorbond) roofs. To maximise effectiveness of roof vents, eave vents should also be installed to allow cooler air to enter the roof and increasing convection.

Manufacturers and Insulguard recommends one roof vent for every 50 square metres of roof space. This will ensure maximum efficiency in ventilating the roof space.

Quick Facts
• Roof vents reduce heat and moisture in roof spaces
• Reducing the temperature in roof spaces will also reduce the temperature in living areas
• Reduction in moisture can help prevent mould, fungus and other contaminates from growing in the roof.
• Reduce instances of respiratory problems and asthma caused by reducing or eliminating excessive bacteria, mould spores or fungus in the roof space.
• Roof vents, when installed correctly, will not allow water to enter your roof.
• Available in a range of styles and 28 colours to suit any roof colour and style.
• Different sizes available for either industrial/commercial or domestic use.

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