Windows tinting perth

Windows Tinting

windows tinting perth

Home Window Tinting Perth

The benefits home window tinting Perth can offer include:

  • Reduces heat transference all year round.
  • Lowers visual glare Increases privacy.
  • Slows fading of carpets and furniture by reducing direct sunlight.
  • Reduces harmful ultra violet radiation.
  • Provides additional strength to windows.
  • Aids in limiting the spread of debris in case of breakage.
  • Adds style and value to your home.
  • Why you should consider home window tinting Perth.

Windows can give home occupants wonderful views that bring the natural landscape inside whilst also allowing natural sunlight and fresh air in. Most houses in Australia utilise single pane glass windows. The downside to windows is that they offer very little resistance to heat transference. During summer, windows become a source of radiant heat allowing the room to heat quickly as the external temperature rises. In winter, windows increase heat transference making the interior cooler and more difficult to heat.

Windows are often constructed of standard single thickness glass. When windows are broken, the glass breaks into razor sharp shards that become dangerous to handle and pose a danger to others. Whilst most windows in Australia are standard single pane glass, some utilise ‘safety’ glass. When the glass is broken it breaks into small pieces than aren’t sharp and can be handled safely with minimal protection. Whilst this glass does not break into sharp pieces, it can be spread of a wide area.

InsulGuard can provide home window tinting Perth solutions that will give your windows a level of protection in case of breakage. It will also help control the climate of your house by reducing the thermal transference. This will help keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. In summer the reduction in transference can help achieve an affective reduction in temperature without the use of air conditioning.

When used in conjunction with effective wall and roof insulation, window tinting helps create a consistent and comfortable living environment.

InsulGuard’s home window tinting Perth can also help provide a level of privacy by reducing the ability of passer-by’s to view inside your house through the windows. Through a reduction in light transference, visual glare is also reduced allowing for a more pleasurable and comfortable environment.

InsulGuard uses 3M’s quality tinting products for all installation solutions.

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