The two biggest assets in your life are undoubtedly your family and your home. InsulGuard Cavity Shield cavity wall insulation provides protection for your home from the harsh Australian temperatures providing year round comfort.







Richard Groves
Nedlands, WA
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A really simple and modern technology that gives an almost same day noticeable difference in the temperature of your home. Installation is non intrusive, complete in about 5 hours, any mess is easily cleaned up and there is no patching of the render or re-rendering of your home as with more traditional system. Mike and his team were readily contactable, offer impartial advice on both Insulguard and the more traditional systems. I appreciated their patience in answering all my questions and the reassurance they provided throughout the installation. The price is comparable to other systems however the simplicity, ease and rapid installation combined with Mike and his team’s professionalism and candid yet balanced review of all systems (compared to competitor sales persons) gave me the confidence to proceed with the installation. I intend using InsulGuard for further projects in improving the sustainability of my home
Stuart Chapman
Baldivis, WA
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I just had my cavity wall insulation installed by Michael and the guys at InsulGuard. They did a great job, and even cleaned up after themselves! Only 1 day in, and the house is definitely warmer. If you want to save money on controlling the temperature in your home, then give these guys a call. It wasn't even that expensive to do the job!
Nalin Jayawardena
Champion Lakes, WA
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Very good product. Recommend for any old houses and owners who would like to keep the energy consumption low and a cool or a warm house
Anita Ferguson
North Perth, WA
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We had previously re-done our roof insulation through InsulGuard, but the improvement we found with InsulGuard Cavity Shield was amazing. We hardly have to use the air con at all in the Summer!

Year Round Comfort

We all know how extreme the Perth and WA climate can be. Temperatures can exceed high 30’s through to 40’s in the summer. Our winters can drop below 5 degrees in the evening and winter rain and cloud can prevent the home from ever heating up. InsulGuard Cavity Shield is designed to insulate your home and protect you from the external temperature variations.


In an average Australian home, up to 25% of your heat transfer occurs through your walls. Cavity Shield creates an esky-like environment protecting your home from the outside temperature differentials. Made from polystyrene, it works no different to the esky that keeps your beers cold in the summer or the thermos that keeps your coffee warm in the winter. The only difference is that this time it’s keeping your family comfy.


Save Up to 50% on Electricity

With Australia being one of the harshest climates in the world, heating and cool equates up to 50% of your energy use annually. Energy costs have risen by 60% in the last seven years and will continue to rise.

This leads to the reliance on artificial heating and cooling becoming more unaffordable. With the installation of Cavity Shield increasing the thermal performance of your walls, your reducing your reliance on artificial heating and cooling meaning that your energy costs can be reduced up to half!

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What is Cavity Shield Cavity Wall Insulation?

InsulGuard Cavity Shield is a unique, locally made cavity wall insulation designed for Australian homes with a double brick cavity. Uninsulated, a double brick cavity offers little barrier between external temperatures. Cavity Shield sits between the inner skin and the outer skin of your double brick walls inside the vacant cavity. This creates a thermal break between the two brick skins, reducing heat transfer and protecting your home from external temperature changes.

Not dissimilar to a bean bag bead, Cavity Shield is made predominately from expanded polystyrene. No different from how a thermos keeps your coffee warm, or an esky keeps your beers cold, polystyrene is one of the most widely used insulators in the world.

We add graphite to the polystyrene which not only gives it the grey colour, but also increases the thermal performance of the product.

What is the Benefit of Cavity Shield?

In the average home, 25% of your heat escapes through the walls every winter, whilst in summer your walls can be responsible for up to 20% of your heat gain.

Uninsulated, a double brick cavity is thermally rated traditionally at R0.4. With the addition of Cavity Shield, a standard 50mm double brick cavity will improve your wall thermal rating to R1.8-R2.

According to the National House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), in Western Australia this can improve your overall star rating by 0.8 – 1.2 star increase. This increase in energy efficiency makes your home more sustainable; reducing on power consumption and reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Rear right elevation prior to cavity wall insulation.
Rear right elevation after cavity wall insulation installed.

Why Use Cavity Shield in Your Home


No Moisture Penetration or Retention


No Drilling into Walls - Non Invasive Installation


Remains Loose in Cavity So You Can Still Run Wiring


Lifetime Guarantee

Unlike other retrofit cavity wall insulation products available on the market, Cavity Shield doesn’t enable water to get trapped in the cavity. Fibreglass, foam and rockwool insulation create pockets where water can sit in between the fibres and transfer laterally across the cavity from the external skin to your internal brickwork. The spherical nature of Cavity Shield means that water falls through the insulation and has no ability to travel across the cavity. As the bead is installed loose in the cavity wall, the cavity remains breathable and a moisture barrier as it was originally designed for.

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