Did you know that old insulation is not only inneffective if older than 10 years, but can also be harmful to your health? We specialise in safe, effective insulation removal to keep you and your family safe whilst providing year round comfort.


Live Comfortably

Old insulation is ineffective at keeping your home cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter. In fact, most times it is less than 25% of the minimum requirements of the Australian Building Code.

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Be Healthy

Formadelyde, boric acid, lead and asbetos can all be found in old insulation. These harmful chemicals become airborne in your home and lead to respiratory problems.

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Save Money

Nearly 50% of your energy bills are from heating and cooling. As old insulation isn’t effective, getting insulation removal and upgrading to an energy-efficient insulation can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

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Jay Bunton
Wembley Downs, WA
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These guys had a tricky one with my place. Minimal roof space to work within + tightly packed blow-in made it very difficult to vacuum it out. I actually thought I could do it myself, though quickly realised it would take all week. They came in with no fuss and had the job done in one day. Very good service and extremely competitive rates. Thanks to Michael and the team!
Adam Millar
Woodridge, WA
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Very quick efficient service. Had a ceiling with old insulation vacuumed out. I will recommend to all.

How We Do Insulation Removal

Using our commercial insulation removal system, we extract your old insulation directly from the roof space. To access the roof, we slide back some tiles or remove a sheet of tin. The old insulation is then vacuumed using our 23 HP vacuum removes all the old insulation and pumps them into insulation removal bags. These bags are then removed from your house and disposed of correctly. For an standard 4×2 home, the average insulation removal can take between 4 – 8 hours.

Don't trust "cowboy" insulation removal!

Blow in removal is a specialised job; therefore it requires specialist equipment. 

Whilst most of our “cowboy” competitors are taking old insulation and cleaning roof cavities with blower vacs, little electric dust extractors and household vacuums, we use a specialised insulation removal vacuum system. The difference in vacuum equals the difference in result for your home. Our commercial vacuum is worth over 7 hand held blower vacs alone!

What is old insulation?

What is Lurking in Your Cavity

Over the years, a variety of insulation materials have been used in the Australian home. As a general rule of thumb, any insulation older than 10 years needs to be replaced as it is not only inefficient, but made out of some harmful materials.

We’ve put together the most common insulation types that require insulation removal.

Blown In Insulation

Also known as: “Cool or Cosy”, “Blow In”, “Loose Fill”, “Cellulose”, “Mr Fluffy”, “InsulFluff”

Blown in insulation is one of the most common types of insulation removal we complete. Made of predominately emulsified newspaper and organic cellulose, this old insulation is dusty, ineffective and toxic. Chemicals such as lead from the printing process; boric acid and formaldehyde from the manufacturing process are contained within blown in insulation. These are notorious for respiratory issues for young and old, particularly early onset asthma in young children.

Wool Insulation

Wool insulation is one of the oldest insulation products used. Whilst a great insulator, the lanolin and natural oils attract rodents, rat and bugs. Couple this with the fact that is reduces over time and loses all efficiency when wet, wool insulation is best removed and replaced. We recommend wool insulation removal and installing with a Bradford Gold batt which is more than twice as efficient and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Urea-Formaldehyde Insulation

One of the most harmful insulation products used, Urea-formalehyde foam insulation (UFFI) was very popular in the 70s and 80s as a ceiling insulation product. UFFI was sprayed in between the ceiling joists to reduce heat loss. A decade later, it became apparent that the vapour emitted from formaldehyde in the curing process and the breakdown of the product was not only unsafe but hazardous. The formaldehyde insulation removal process requires specialised disposal, therefore can be an expensive but necessary process.

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation has changed a lot in the last decade. Unfortuntately due to the failed government insulation scheme, the market was flooded with cheap, ineffective insulation from all over the world. These batts are not only ineffective by today’s standards, but also contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. We only recommend Bradford Gold insulation for your home. The Bradford range is Australian made, and therefore is the only product that has the tick of approval by the Asthma Foundation for being non-toxic. 

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Replacing Insulation After Insulation Removal

With every insulation removal, we recommend installing new insulation. When we remove your old insulation, whether it be Cool or Cosy, formaldehyde, old batts or wool insulation, you’ve addressed the health and dust problems. But, since we’ve taken out any thermal insulating that you had in the roof, even though it was inadequate, we need to re-insulate for your comfort.

We recommend re-installing with batt insulation. Insulation batts feature a long lifespan, especially with the Bradford Gold range that come with a lifetime warranty. It’s Australian made, and can boast being the only product that’s approved by the Asthma Foundation for being non toxic.

In Perth, the average home requires a minimum R4 rated batt as per the BCA requirements. We recommend starting with the R5 batt, which is the next in the range. These are up to 20% more effective, and are especially suited for the Perth temperatures.

To complement every insulation removal and insulation install, we do recommend a couple of whirlybirds just allow the hot air to escape in the summer. More importantly, they allow moisture to evaporate during the winter, so you don’t get any mold or mildew build up in your roof and on your ceilings.

One of our InsulGuard comfort consultants can tailor a insulation removal and insulation installation solution for your home.

Year Round Comfort. Year Round Savings.

Heating and cooling accounts for up to 50% of your energy bill. With your roof being your largest culprit in terms of heat transfer, it’s important that your ceiling insulation is performing year round.

When we talk insulation performance, we use R values to determine how well a product resists heat transfer. The Building Code of Australia specifies that we use a R4 minimum rated product in Perth homes, however many home owners are using R5, R6 and R7 rated batts. If you have any old insulation product in your home, these would be lucky to perform at an R1 to R1.5 rating.

Professional insulation removal and replacement with high performance ceiling insulation can therefore improve your comfort significantly. By creating this thermal break, your home becomes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. With nearly 50% of your power bill being from heating and cooling, by maintaining a constant internal temperature you rely less on artificial heating and cooling and can nearly half your energy bill.

With energy bills continuing to rise year after year, insulation removal and insulation upgrade can save you hundreds of dollars every year!

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