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We at InsulGuard keep your home warmer in the winter; reducing your reliance on heating and lowering your energy bills. A more comfortable, sustainable home for you and your family.


Dear Home Owner,

Imagine what it would be like to come home from a busy day at work and your home is at the perfect temperature.

Imagine the mailman drops off the gas and electricity bill and you don't have to panic about taking out a second mortage to pay.

Imagine having peace of mind that your home is built to last whilst being sustainable.

Imagine the change...

More comfort.

More money to spend on the fun things in life.

The freedom to enjoy life without stressing about your home.

We at InsulGuard are different.

We got into insulation and sustainable home improvements because it's not just a house to us; it's a home. 

We provide a tailored solution for your home, not just your average salesman approach.

If you want year round comfort, free yourself from electricity and gas bills whilst giving yourself peace of mind; or if you're looking for a Perth insulation or cavity wall insulation company... then reach out and speak with one of our comfort consultants today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ready to Keep Warm this Winter? We offer an obligation free quote that can be done over the phone.


Perth Homes Insulated This Winter



When you’re finding it too cold or hot in your home, or your spending too much on heating and cooling; it’s time to talk to an expert. We offer a FREE consultation to anyone who wants some advice.


During your call we want to hear about your home. We listen to what you want to achieve, then analyse your situation using tools like Google Earth and Near Maps.


We don’t sell products; we give solutions. Using the information you’ve provided, we create a solution tailored to your home and what you want to achieve. Sometimes we can do this over the phone, sometimes we need a site inspection. 


If we’re a good match, then let’s not waste any more time.  Our team can attend your job within a week or two and most jobs are completed same day. As we do a lot of work via the roof, you don’t even need to be home!

Ready to Keep Warm this Winter? We offer an obligation free quote that can be done over the phone.


Thornlie, WA
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Michael and Thomas did an excellent job of installing my R4 batts insulation and 3 whirlybirds in my new house today. They took care in what they did and also put my draft stoppers over the exhaust fans in the roof for me. All done with a smile. Michael takes photos for you see if you don’t want to get into the roof space yourself, which I was impressed with. Troy booked me in with short notice and for a very good price. Michael cares about his product and the service he provides to his customers. I can highly recommend Michael and his team. Thanks a lot guys.
Dwayne Clements
Harrisdale, WA
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Michael is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his product. The service provided by Michael and his team was first class! The care and attention given to our family home, while the install was being undertaken, was nothing but professional. What more do I need to say? Call these guys, cut down on bills, enjoy your home as it should be enjoyed. It's the only way to go. From myself and the family, thanks guys 👍
Tammy Chong
Nedlands, WA
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Michael is very patient and knowledgeable and was happy to explain the different types of insulation options to me. He was also able to give me a quote over the phone which was hugely convenient since I was obtaining the quote for a property I had purchased but not settled. There was a small hiccup where the team showed up at the property before settlement but once they managed to get in there, they did a great job. Would highly recommend Michael and his team.
Karen Fooks
Greenwood, WA
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The whole process from start to finish has been very smooth and professional. The two men that turned up today to install our loft insulation were extremely polite and hard working and went above and beyond my wildest expectations. Our home is so much warmer this evening and we look forward to the installation of our cavity wall insulation next week.
Stuart Chapman
Claremont, WA
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I just had my cavity wall insulation installed by Michael and the guys at Insulgard. They did a great job, and even cleaned up after themselves! They also helped me identify issues with the way that the batts had been installed in the roof space of my house at no extra cost. Only 1 day in, and the house is definitely warmer. If you want to save money on controlling the temperature in your home, then give these guys a call. It wasn't even that expensive to do the job!


InsulGuard Cavity Shield is a unique, locally made cavity wall insulation made for Australian homes with a double brick cavity. In the average home, 25% of your heat escapes through the walls every winter, whilst in summer your walls can be responsible for up to 20% of your heat gain. This means that an uninsulated double brick cavity offers little barrier between external temperature variations. This is where InsulGuard Cavity Shield creates comfort for your home. Learn More About Cavity Wall Insulation


Old insulation, normally older than 10 years poses a variety of issues to your home. Firstly, many products contained harmful chemicals such as borax, lead and formaldehyde. These chemicals are known to cause respiratory issues, in particular early onset asthma in children. Not only is old insulation putting your family at risk, it is also ineffective. With many products being “loose fill” in the roof cavity, they have compacted and reduced over time. Most products would be less than R1 rated, which is well below the minimum R4 rating required by the building code. Learn More About Insulation Removal


Out of sight, out of mind is the usual phrase we come accross. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the dangers and filth lurking in your roof space. Rodents and their excrements, years of dust build up, leaves and all sorts of debris leave your roof space looking and smelling gross. This unhealthy environment can lead to health problems for your family. Our 20HP commercial vacuum system and complimentary sanitisation spray is designed to for roof cavity cleaning. Learn More About Roof Cavity Cleaning


Did you know that 40% of the heat transfer in and out of your home goes through your roof? It makes sense when you think it’s the largest surface area of your home, and therefore the #1 priority is quality ceiling insulation. With a variety of products, from recycled glass insulation through to polyester batts, we can provide a suitable product for your home. With most homes requiring a minimum R4 rated ceiling insulation batt, we go above and beyond providing R5, R6 and R7 ceiling insulation solutions. Learn More About Insulation


Probably the best “bang for your buck” home improvement you’ll make. Why? Because they allow hot air to escape your roof space in the Summer, reducing heat radiating downwards into your home whilst making your ducted air conditioning far more efficient. In the wet months, they allow moisture to evaporate out of the roof space, reducing the likelihood of mould and mildew build up in your roof and on your ceiling. We recommend the CSR Edmonds range, which are Australian made, come with a 15 year warranty and are 100% quiet. Learn more about whirlybirds


Let natural light into your home with a skylight. We offer two skylight solutions for your home; a tubular tunnel skylight or a shaftless LED skylight. The tunnel skylights refract light from the roof into your home, giving a natural solution to light those darker areas of your home. Our latest innovation is the LED shaftless skylight. These work by placing a solar panel on the roof and running an LED light on the ceiling. The advantage of the shaftless system is they suit double storeys, as well as not transferring heat into the home.


As the rain begins to set in this Autumn and Winter, there is nothing more terrifying than a roof leak. Whilst innocuous at first, a small leak can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. The InsulGuard team specialise in leak detection and rectification works with most response times being within a 24 – 48 hour window. Learn more about roof restorations


Your home is most likely your largest asset – so it’s important you protect it. Your structural roof restorations includes ridge capping, pointing, valleys and flashings to ensure your roof will last and prevent water damage. We then provide cosmetic roof restorations by applying a paint to your tiles, available in a full range of Dulux colours and with heat reflective options. Learn more about roof restorations



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