Cavity Shield has been tested to AS/NZS 4859.1:2018 as R1.554. When installed in a 50mm cavity, this creates a total insulation of R1.92.

The material contains a flame-retardant additive to inhibit accidental ignition from small fire sources. 

Once Cavity Shield is pumped into the walls, it can easily be removed for renovations. This includes extensions, window and door replacements. We simply vacuum them out, leave them bagged up and can re-install whenever you’re ready.

As they are exceedingly small beads and they aren’t glued in place, they find every imperfection and leak in your home. We simply seal or silicone the gap/hole up. This means not only are you getting cavity wall insulation, but heat loss through cracks too!

As the beads are loose in the cavity, you can still run wiring as per normal. When you drill into the wall, you lose a handful of beads. Normally we recommend a bit of hair spray or paper towel to block the hole whilst you run your cabling to the top of the cavity.

Cavity Shield is the only product that can guarantee a 100% fill. Because the beads are so small and injected under pressure, they fill everywhere. Just like water self-levelling when you fill up a glass, we can see the beads at the top of the cavity when it’s full.

One of the most common entry points for termites is through the cavity. Entering through the weep holes, up through your cavity and into your timber roof. The way the product works is two ways; a physical barrier and a chemical barrier. As the beads fill the cavity, they become a physical obstruction to the termites. As they rub against the beads, the termicide (chemical barrier) is absorbed which is a motor neuron inhibitor. This can be transferred back to the nest, meaning they can also infect the rest of the colony. This also works against ants, silverfish, spiders and other insects.

We’ve got a great video on this that explains it all. Short answer, no.