Your homes’ first defence against the harsh Australian climate it the roof. InsulGuard roof restorations Perth protect your roof from damage and deterioration – saving you from costly repairs in the future!


Make your home the talk of the neighbourhood
Protect your roof from costly future repairs
Add value to your home with a better roof
10 Year Gurantee on our roof restorations
Only the best materials for Australian roofs

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Trust the Roof Restoration Experts with Your Home

We offer a complimentary inspection of your roof. Following our 32 check plan, we assess the structural integrity of your roof, risk assess potential deteriorations, offer a ventilation and insulation report and give you a range of paint solutions.

Over time mould and mildew builds up on your roof, gutters and downpipes. This can lead to both structural damage, water ingress and rust deterioration. We high pressure clean the roof to remove mould, followed by an anti-fungal treatment. This inhibits mould growth once it’s been cleaned off.

To prevent water penetrating the roof, we ensure that the ridge capping is bedded and jointed. This involves re-bedding loose ridge capping, as well as applying a rubber waterproof membrane.

Broken and chipped tiles can be possible entry points for water. We replace broken tiles with spares, or source replacements for your roof.

Over time, your valleys and flashings deteriorate. These are designed to prevent water penetrating your roof, so it’s important they are rust-free and in working condition.

Once your structural repairs are completed, finish your roof with a protective roof paint. Using the latest Dulux Acratex Technology, we can restore concrete tiles to a vibrant new colour. Every roof restoration paint is completed with at least one coat of primer, followed by two coats of colour.

Improve comfort, save on air conditioning bills and reduce your carbon footprint with heat reflective roof paint. Using Dulux InfraCOOL Heat Reflective Coatings, the sun’s infrared radiation is reflected, preventing the roof heating up. This can reduce the surface temperature of your roof 20 – 40 degrees, even with the darker coloured roofs.


Concrete Tile Roof Restorations Perth

Transform your concrete tiles with a roof restoration by InsulGuard. After completing structural repairs, concrete tiles can be repainted to make your home the pride of the street. Choose from our standard colour options, or save money by applying our InfraCOOL heat reflective paint technology. 


Terracotta Tile Roof Restorations Perth

After some time, terracotta roof tiles deteriorate due to moss and weathering. As the terracotta tiles are naturally moist, they are more susceptible to this than concrete tiles. Maintenance is therefore key with any terracotta roof to prevent deterioration and water ingress. An InsulGuard terracotta roof restoration ensures your roof is guaranteed to last.

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Margaret Eades
Scarborough, WA
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We recently had ceiling damage from a heavy bit of rain which caused ceiling damage. Michael came around the very next day, replaced the tiles that caused the damage and then w booked in for our roof to be done. The boys were very prompt in getting to the job, and we are very happy with the work done. Would happily recommend Michael & Insulguard to anyone looking at roof repairs - my advice is get it done before there is water coming in!
Michael Simons
Karrinyup, WA
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Thanks Michael and the team for making our roof look good as new again! Very happy with the work and how quickly you guys got stuck in. Will be looking at replacing our insulation with yous in the following months before the warm weather gets here. Cheers Michael