Insulation Perth

Insulation is an efficient and cost effect way to improve you homes overall energy efficiency. This will reduce your heating and cooling costs as well as adding overall value to your home through a greater energy rating.

Insulation Benefits include:

  • Reduces heat loss and gain by acting as a thermal barrier.
  • Keeps your home warmer in winter due to a reduction in heat loss.
  • Lowers the internal temperature of your home in summer by reducing heat gain.
  • Lowers the usage load of your heating and cooling systems.
  • This prolongs the life of the systems, allows greater efficiency and increased reliability.
  • Reduces greenhouse gases, generates a smaller carbon footprint due to decreased heating and cooling.
  • Creates a more stable climate within the house, improving comfort levels.
  • InsulGuard tailors insulation solutions to suit the individual needs of our clients. We use a wide range of environmentally friendly insulation products that comply with, or exceed, Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.

    This is to ensure that only quality products are used for long-term reliability, safety, sustainability and satisfaction.

Why Insulguard Insulation?

InsulGuard is committed to maintaining a high standard in product quality, installation and safety. Our highly trained installation technicians utilise an approach that pays close attention to detail to ensure optimal installations that will not undermine the performance of the insulation. Factors such as range hood vents, down lights, electrical wiring and exhaust vents are all taken into consideration when designing and installing our insulation solutions.

InsulGuard can also provide Cavity Shield, Cavity Shield – Plus and Cavity Shield – Platinum insulation. The Plus and Platinum is our premium range of Cavity Shield and features Termicide a termite repellent that helps ensure your home remains termite free for the life of the structure.

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