Roof Cavity Cleaning

Today a lot of homeowners want to make use of their roof space as a storage area or to convert it to an additional room. Before the conversion can take place the roof space must be prepared to ensure a safe working space. Often a quick inspection of the roof space can reveal a large amount of debris. This can be left over after the house construction, previous roof renovations or attic work was completed. This debris can consist of timber, metal, roofing materials, pipes, electrical wiring and conduits and in some cases general rubbish. This can provide an ideal breeding ground for mould, mildew, rodents, spiders, insects and other nasty and unwelcome house guests. In Australia rats and mice can assist transmission of serious diseases, including the plague, dysentery, leptospirosis and typhus fever.

Often older houses have seen people use their roof space as a storage area.

Some items that have been stored in roof spaces and forgotten about include dangerous chemicals such as chlorine, oil and fuel.

Over time the additional weight of all this rubbish can also cause ceilings to start sagging. This can result in expensive repairs that are often not covered by insurance.

InsulGuard’s Roof Cavity cleaning service will see a suitably trained technician enter your roof space and remove any building debris, bird’s nests, animal carcasses, dirt, leaves and general rubbish. A deodorising and anti-bacterial treatment service is also available.

InsulGuard’s roof cavity cleaning process:

  • Our technicians will gain access to the roof space by removing a few roof tiles, sheet of roof metal or via the manhole. External entry is preferred to prevent contamination of the internal living space with debris, dust or mould spores.
  • Large, heavy or bulk items are firstly bagged whilst still in the roof space and then removed.
  • The technicians, using our specially designed industrial vacuum unit, will then clean out any remaining rubbish, dust and contaminates in the roof space.
  • Any roof tiles or roof metal sheeting removed is reinstalled.
  • All rubbish, debris and dust are then taken to an authorised disposal centre.
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